Getting the Most Out of Real Estate Investing Forums

Real estate investing forums can be a great way to locate new business partners and stay abreast of current market trends. Whether a newbie investor or seasoned pro, participating in social networking provides opportunities to learn new strategies and share ideas with like-minded people.

When joining real estate investing forums it is best to learn how the forum works before engaging in conversation. Read through the terms of service to determine how information should be provided. Many investment forums allow members to include a forum signature with a link to their website. Others prohibit the inclusion of sales pitches or affiliate marketing schemes.

It is a good idea to network with forum moderators and group leaders. Take time to connect with other investors and offer helpful information when possible. It is also a good idea to learn how to spot a professional investor from a scam artist. Unfortunately, many scammers lurk in social forums, so never give out personal information or buy products from those you have not developed a strong relationship with.

It is best to stick with reputable and well-established investing forums. The Internet can provide results on the top investor groups. Many types of online investing forums exist. Some focus on buying and selling distressed properties such as foreclosures and bank owned homes. Others focus on creative finance strategies or earning profits with cash flow notes and land contracts.

As a private investor, I participate in several investing forums. I recommend joining one or two groups to get a feel for how things work. Find the most knowledgeable investors and build relationships with them by asking questions or commenting on their forum posts. Share information and resources you have.

Popular Investing Forums

CREOnline is a good place for newbies to start their learning journey. This forum covers a wide range of topics including: creative financing strategies; locating discounted properties for sale; Section 8 landlord certification; managing cash flow when multiple properties are owned; and real estate and landlord tenant laws. Membership is required to participate in forums, but is offered at no charge.

REI Club offers a wealth of investing advice and information. The forum includes topics ranging from how to become a real estate investor to protecting investment properties. REI Club offers an extensive section dedicated to real estate marketing. Investors can learn the process for buying bank owned foreclosures and discover numerous seller-financing options.

Bigger Pockets has earned the reputation as the premier real estate investing forum. Featured on CBS News, U.S. News, and Newsday, along with receiving positive PR in several print publications, Bigger Pockets offers a wealth of information and resources to investors at all stages of their career.